For me, my passion for photography can be traced back to my eighth birthday when I received a Hanimex 110 pocket film camera.

From then on I was hooked, and this led me to finish my formal education with an honours degree in ‘Photography of the Arts’ from Swansea University.

The next ten years were spent as a press photographer; developing skills and nurturing my ability to find and capture the human element within any story or event in an environment where a second chance at a picture is a rare luxury.

This was a rewarding time, and one where I honed my talents which were recognized by a host of press awards along the way. Then, as I do now, I found myself to be in the privileged position of being able to photograph some great personalities and characters on a daily basis.

Since 2005, I've been working as a self-employed freelance photographer, based in West Yorkshire and travel extensively throughout the UK with my work. This is a role that demands my skills are further stretched and extended to meet the broadest range of photographic demands of my clients, be they for commercial businesses, charities, private individuals or in the Arts.

New Commissions

I love to be challenged by a new commission, constantly pushing toward that moment when I 'feel' as well as 'see' the picture though the camera; that’s when the magic of photography really happens for me and becomes reflected in my work.

I live close to Bradford and Leeds in the town of Cleckheaton, West Yorkshire with my lovely wife and two young sons; and enjoy windsurfing and trekking in the beautiful Yorkshire Dales when not behind my camera.

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